XevaSoft Employee Manager Server

XevaSoft Employee Manager Server 1.3

It allows you to prevent your employees from going off-track
1.3.0 (See all)
XevaSoft Inc.

XevaSoft Employee Manager is a TCP/IP based surveillance software that runs on a local or remote network. It allows you to prevent your employees from going off-track when they are on computers(playing games, browsing non-work-related sites, chatting...etc) therefore increases their overall productivity. XevaSoft Employee Manager is not only designed for enterprises and large institutes, it may also be used on small home network. With simple installations, XevaSoft Employee Manager allows you to monitor and control each computer within the network from a server machine in real time. This includes viewing the current screen of each computer on the network, all keystrokes that each user has pressed and all websites visited. Additional controls are also available including shutting down/rebooting a remote client computer, logging off a specific user, displaying messages on client computer screen, locking down client workstation and executing certain files on client machine.
* Fast installation/configuration/upgrade
* Monitor up to thousands of workstations
* Shows real time screen of client computers
* Shows detailed keystrokes for all client users
* Records all websites visited
* Basic Windows commands - Shut Down/Reboot/Logoff
* Display custom messages on client computers
* Completely lock out client computers for further investigation
* Execute specific file on client computer in different modes (hidden...etc)
* Stealth mode for client software, prevent workers from shutting it down
* Optional master password to secure the server and client software from being accessed and shutdown respectively
* Mass configure hundreds of client computer on the network
* Fully automated client update

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